Is Facebook a teaching tool?

Facebook is a ‘vital tool’ that schools can use to revolutionise teaching, a London education think-tank urged today.
The Education Foundation said the social network had the potential to be a “game changer” for teachers and could alter the way homework is set, research is carried out and presentations given.

Teachers in some London schools have already started setting homework on Facebook, which pupils can read on their mobile phones, while one boys’ school, the London Nautical, in Blackfriars, has run a complete biology project online.

Some schools have blocked Facebook, saying that pupils are spending hours on the social network during lessons.

The report, produced by the Education Foundation for Facebook, said: “We see Facebook as a vital tool for teaching and learning in the 21st century and for making education more social. It is an essential ‘toolbox for educators’ in schools, colleges, universities and other learning settings to open up, inspire and catalyse young people’s learning.”

The report called on teachers to set up Facebook pages or groups for school clubs and projects and to encourage pupils to “like” each others’ work online.

It added that the social network could be used for tutoring, organising teacher meetings and communicating with parents.