5 Creative Uses Of PowerPoint Presentations You Haven’t Explored Yet

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Death by PowerPoint is a popular term. It’s unfair that PowerPoint gets the stick as there are more than a few presentation tools around. As anyone who has taken the pains to make a memorable PowerPoint presentation will tell you – the secret of the steak is in the sizzle. The sizzle also comes and stops at creativity. If you have creativity by your side, you can use PowerPoint as your canvas.

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Ποιοι είναι οι αριστούχοι μαθητές;

See on Scoop.itΙδέες εκπαίδευσης – Educational ideas

Achenbach_Oswald_Fishermen_With_The_Bay_Of_Naples_And_Vesuvius_Beyond     Του Νίκου Τσούλια     Να και ένα άλλο εκπαιδευτικό ζήτημα που έχει πλούσιο ερμηνευτικό πλαίσιο, αρ…

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