How to Screencast using CamStudio, Audacity, and VirtualDub

Digital Ephemera

There are lots of commercial screencasting products out there. Without linking to any of them in particular, most cost anywhere from $40 to upwards of hundreds of dollars depending on the company and functionality. Most, though, do the same general thing: they allow you to record video and usually audio of what you are seeing for later posting. Be it as video of some achievement, reporting on an event, or even as a way to teach how certain programs work, they all are geared towards capturing video and audio.

However, while there are a wide array of programs to buy, free and open source tools are rather limited. For Windows, the one program I’ve used the most is CamStudio (2.7.2). I usually pair it with Audcaity (2.0.5) for editing audio and VirtualDub (1.10.4) for basic video editing needs. Those are the three I will be covering in this post.


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