6 Key Benefits Of Mind Mapping – Edudemic

When I talk to people about mind mapping, I usually find myself facing one of two reactions: The person I’m speaking with either LOVES mind maps, or pretty much has no idea what they are or what they could be used for. We’ve discussed mind maps occasionally in the past, but I recently stumbled on this great graphic from Daniel Tay(who creates a bunch of different mind maps on different topics).

This particular graphic addresses the benefits of mind mapping, which can serve as a good primer for anyone who is unfamiliar with the concept. It is also a pretty simple mind map, especially compared with many of the maps you see if you do a quick web search to find some. Take a look and see how mind maps can benefit you and your students!

The Benefits of Mind Mapping

  • Organize
  • Brainstorm
  • Understand
  • Recall
  • Note-take
  • Communicate


6 Key Benefits Of Mind Mapping – Edudemic.


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