What makes a good lesson?

Learner as Teacher

This seems like a very easy question to answer, but in giving it some thought over the last few weeks I only began to uncover some of its complexities.

For me I would say that in a good lesson:

  • students learn something new
  • students are able to use something they have learned
  • students’ self-confidence is supported, maintained, or raised
  • both students and the teacher have fun
  • the time flies
  • the teacher feels good about the way the class went
  • we try out something new and it works
  • the feedback from the students is positive
  • students make connections between what they are learning and their ‘real’ lives
  • the students ask interested, intelligent, or engaged questions
  • students begin to use critical thinking skills
  • students contribute their own ideas and opinions
  • students support each other and work collaboratively
  • we get through most of the material that I had planned to cover
  • there is…

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