Germany Takes On Education Reform (Education Everywhere Series) | Edutopia

Germany Fast Facts

Germany has long had a three-tiered school system, where by age ten, all students are tracked into one of several secondary school options: the Gymnasium, the Realschule, or the Hauptschule. This strict method of tracking limited opportunities for student improvement and built inequity into the system.

Historically, most schools in Germany started early but excused students by lunchtime, which translated to less class time for German students when compared to other member countries of the Organisation for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Longer school days, a move toward a less segregated two-pillared system, and a push for standardized national curricula are among the various reforms adopted by the country since their initial low scores on PISA provoked change.

While many of the reforms are still in progress, in just nine years, Germany’s results on the 2009 PISA tests already show improvement.

μέσω Germany Takes On Education Reform (Education Everywhere Series) | Edutopia.



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