Is This The Future Of Education? – Edudemic

It seems to be part of the human condition that we are constantly looking to the future. From things a simple as “what’s happening this weekend” to “are we going to have flying cars in ten years”, wondering, imagining, and creating what our future will look like is so normal that it can often seem like it is just a part of our subconscious. 

In education, we’re always looking to the future. What can we improve? How can we change, add, or manage our toolkits to do exactly what we need? What skills will students need in the future, and how can we ensure we’re preparing them adequately? What technologies will they be using? The handy infographic below takes a look at the ‘education of tomorrow’. It showcases a few statistics on technology growth over the years along with an overview of what might be next for the future of education. What do you think the future of education holds? Specific tools? Different skills? Weigh in by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.

The Future of Education

  • 79% of Americans have a home computer today, compared with 8% in 1984
  • 3 x as many college students matriculated with a tablet in 2012 as in 2011!
  • 75% of American households have internet access today, compared with 18% in 1997
  • MOOCS and other types of online education are becoming more and more prevalent – in many different forms (free, paid, short and long courses, etc)
  • 90% of college students and high school seniors see tablets as valuable educational tools
  • 63% believe tablets will transform learning
  • 6 in 10 college students prefer books in digital format (for both class and pleasure reading)
  • 72% of students show improvement in class with regular access to technology
  • Eighth grade proficiency improved from 29% to 41% with regular access to technology

What’s Next?

  • MOOCs are expected to gain credibility
  • Augmented reality will play a larger role
  • A lessening focus on degrees and more focus on practical skills
  • Integrated touch screens at student desks and teacher workstations
  • Individual tablets for everyone

Is This The Future Of Education? – Edudemic.



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