Creating Your First Blog Post With WordPress | Step By Step Guide

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First Steps

When YOU created YOUR account on the blogging platform «WordPress» OR when YOU received an invitation on a collaboration blog, most people will have a problem on How To start their first blog post. Here is an easy to follow step by step guide.

First step is looking on the left hand navigation side bar, see screenshot below, please.

New Blog Post With WordPress-1


Click on the buttons «Posts«, followed by «Add New«.


YOU will see now the following screen, see screenshot below, please.

New Blog Post With WordPress-2


First have a look NOW on the right hand navigation bar and click on the button «Visibility: Public» ===> Edit <===, see «red arrow».

Following screen (see screenshot below, please) will appear.

New Blog Post With WordPress-3


The navigation box will pop up and YOU will see more options. Check the «circle» ===>…

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