PracTICE: Using Blogs For Home Work To Get ICT Skills and Creativity

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This is the second blog about «Blogging» and in the first one ===> PracTICE: Using Blogs for Critical Thinking and Proactive Thinking <=== WE were talking about WHAT would be the BEST way to introduce the students (learners) to blogging. NOW, lets go for a practical examplewhere the teachers (educators) tell the students (learners) to create a blog on a specific topic. It should be a topic WHERE there will be a lot of engagement from the students and from WHAT they would get a maximum out of ICT SKILLS, creativity, use of the technology (camera, smartphone, photo camera…), Social Media knowledge, communication, Social Learning, preparation knowledge, privacy knowledge (not publishing blog…), working in a team, collaboration


SO… WHAT could that be for a topic? Well, I think that something everybody could do is to write a blog…

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