5 Benefits of iPad Math Apps


If your child needs a little extra support in math class, your first response may be to sign him up for tutoring at your local math tutoring center. While this can be a helpful way to get some support and instruction, it can eat away valuable time for your family. Instead, consider iPad-based tutoring apps. Here are four key benefits your child will receive.

1. Convenience

Math help on the iPad is simply convenient. Instead of having to take the entire family to the tutoring center, then spend an hour of your valuable time waiting while your child receives math instruction, you can allow your child to practice at home on the iPad, while you get other things done around the house. This saves time and fuel costs for your family.

2. Engagement

Students in today’s society are highly engaged with digital devices, like the iPad. This means that a child who has the option to practice math on an iPad is going to be more engaged with the practice than one who is working on a worksheet or at a tutoring center. App-based tutoring and practice can use reward systems that the modern child responds well to, which encourages them to continue working with the program.

3. Portability

Modern life is busy, and you are always on the go. Tutoring with an iPad gives you the ability to take the tutoring with you no matter where you are. Your child can do the work, no matter what your family is doing. If you are at a sibling’s sports practice, the student can work on math while waiting. If you are driving from school to an after school activity, then your child can have fun, engaging math practice on the go.

4. Timely Feedback

A math tutoring app gives your child faster feedback from qualified teachers. Rather than waiting for the specific tutor or teacher your child is working with to respond or provide feedback, a math tutoring app can provide instant feedback. Even if your child is practicing at odd hours, the technology allows for feedback to occur. By giving instruction at the point of learning, the technology gives your child a greater chance of retaining the concepts. Technology makes it easier for instruction at the point of learning to occur.

5. Standardized Curriculum

Math apps on the iPad mean that your child will receive the same progression through a curriculum that lines up with state or national standards, rather than working through the concepts provided by an individual tutor. A standardized curriculum ensures that your child is prepared for what he will need in the classroom.

If you are looking for a math app for the iPad that will connect your child with certified teachers, provide instruction at the point of learning and give you proven tutoring and practice in a convenient, motivating format, then consider Tabtor. You will gain all five of these benefits for your child, watch as math scores and confidence increase and avoid the hassle of heading to the math tutoring center. For children from Kindergarten through grade 8, you can get the math practice you need conveniently with the help of Tabtor.



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