10 Signs that You are an Excellent iPad Educator


My good friend, fellow French teacher and colleague Sylvia Duckworth and I brainstormed the following. Sylvia has been a huge advocate for using technology in the classroom, and has actively used iPads in her classes for the past couple years. Check out her excellent website, which contains a multitude of teaching ideas using technology as a tool.

1. You keep a well organized Professional Learning Network (PLN)

You keep up to date with the latest technology in education trends. You are always willing to learn more about technology in education. On Twitter, you keep an eye on the hashtags #ipaded and #ipadedchat. In Google+ you have joined the community iPad Ed. You have subscribed to iPad Ed blogs like these:





iPads in Education Scoop.it

2. You are familiar with the SAMR model in education

Image source: iPads4schools.org

Applying the SAMR model definitely helps…

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