Apple publish ‘For Education’ collection on the App Store

Apps, iBooks and iTunes U resources presented in one handy place.

'For Educators' collection in the App Store

Apple recently added a new section to their App Store called ‘For Educators‘. Here, teachers can find resources – apps, guides, iBooks and iTunes U courses which Apple recommends.

Tools for teachers

Book Creator can be found under the ‘Tools for Teachers‘ section, and also features in many of the ‘One Best Thing‘ books by Apple Distinguished Educators.

Tools for Teachers

Book Creator is consistently in the top 5 paid Book apps and Book Creator Free is among the top 20 free Education apps, so if anything we’d like to see Book Creator feature more in the new ‘For Educators’ section. Nevertheless, we know teachers will appreciate the guides for some of our favourite apps: Explain Everything, Puppet Pals HD, Sketchbook Express and Hopscotch.

And besides, teachers already have the excellent Book Creator Teacher Guide form Adam Foster, and another Book Creator guide was recently published by Tom Gootzen, which is available in Dutch and English.

Book Creator guides on the App Store


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