WHAT Are THE Skills Needed From Students In The Future!?

EDU: Digital CitiZENship, CyberSecurity, eSkills, Modern EDU by Gust MEES


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WHAT Are THE Skills Needed From Students In The Future!? OR, WHAT Are THE Jobs Look Like In The Future!?

That are actually questions which I get asked very often from people and where I could ask ONLY the first one! WHAT Are THE Skills Needed From Students In The Future!? Well, there is one well renown person WHO explains it BEST in my opinion, and that is Howard GARDNER. Please check the picture below to understand.


Synthesizing Mind-5 Minds for the future


When YOU have a closer look than YOU will realize that the <===> Synthesizing Mind <===> is THE major skill needed! I use it since ages in my courses and with a big success! Actually ALL my blogs and blog posts are based on it.


what-skills-will-you-need-to-succeed-in-the-future_5061e259a60b6_w587 Click the above image,please, to access the article.


HOW Can WE Create OUR Courses Based On The Synthesizing Mind!?

Please check…

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