Ten reasons to teach thinking

The teaching of thinking is a critical endeavour for teachers and one that brings enhanced learning opportunities for students. Unfortunately thinking is not something that we naturally do well and as a consequence it is a skill we need to learn. Understanding this is the first step towards establishing a culture of thinking in your classroom but encouraging an entire school to get on board with this can be difficult and given our already crowded curriculum anything that seems to add to the load is likely to be resisted. Here then are ten arguments to use with colleagues, parents and most importantly students that might help you convince them of the need to learn how to think.


Normal education does not improve general reasoning – However; In programmes that target reasoning with specific elements, reasoning is improved – David Perkins

The best programmes are integrated with the standard curriculum, they are not an optional extra – Robert Swartz


Teaching students what to do in the world, what to know, how to behave is EBNE – Excellent But Not Enough – Edward De Bono

Students require opportunities for:

  • acquiring and integrating knowledge
  • extending and refining knowledge
  • using learning meaningfully

Robert Marzano

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