LEARNing Path For Professional 21st Century LEARNing By ICT PracTICE Concept

EDU: Digital CitiZENship, CyberSecurity, eSkills, Modern EDU by Gust MEES


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In 21st Century LEARNers Know THEIR LEARNing Path

WHAT is «Professional LEARNing»!? Well, it is DIFFERENT from normal (?) LEARNing  as it provides the Students, LEARNers THE «LEARNing Path» and shows THEM THE skills THEY will acquire by a <===> design <===> up from the beginning! This will prepare THEM for <===> Life-Long LEARNing <===> which THEY need after school! It uses ALSO <===> Social Media <===> to stay in contact with people of the same interests and to build UP a <===> PLN (Personal [Professional] LEARNing Network <===> to BUILD UP YOUR <===> PKM (Personal [Professional] Knowledge Management <===>. These «components» will prepare the students, learners for <===> Life-Long LEARNing!

THEY will acquire THE necessary ICT eSkills which THEY need to be prepared for the 21st Century workforce/labour. WITH ICT the Real World is CHANGING constantly and this VERY QUICKLY! EDUcation can’t catch up with that!

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