The Classroom Is Dead

What if everything about the future of school was the opposite of school? We invited Eli Horowitz and Scott Teplinto consider the school of 2050.


Now more than ever, we must be vigilant in our defense of our children’s future. Back in 2016, we spoke of “disruption” — disrupting entertainment, disrupting field hockey, disrupting smoothies, and, of course, disrupting education. That was a wonderful time. But now that everything has been disrupted (field hockey has never been edgier), what’s left? What’s next?

The answer: Welcome to the era of destruction — tearing down the outdated institutions, and then occupying their nonstructured absence. And what better place to begin this path of obliteration than our already-crumbling schools?

For generations, thinkers have attempted to reimagine the classroom, toimprove the classroom, and, of course, to disrupt the classroom, and where has all that gotten us? Dumber kids every year, that’s where. Case in point: My nephew, the valedictorian of Robert Frost Intermediate, recently attempted to give his pet iguana mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Felt guilty about hogging all the air, he said.

Point is, the classroom is a dead end. The classroom is a mausoleum. The classroom is an outdated husk, and the classroom must be destroyed. Yes: The classroom of the future is no classroom at all.



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