PowerPoint Versus Visme: Which One Is Right For You? | Visual Learning Center by Visme

Anyone who has ever had to give a presentation in their life has at some point used PowerPoint.

Although speakers and presenters around the world have rebelled against its ubiquitous presence across boardrooms and classrooms (just read here, here and here), the fact that it has been around for so long makes it difficult to break the old habit of creating a PowerPoint slide deck every time we have to give a pitch or talk.

To help you break free from the reluctance to try something new, we’ve created a series of short videos that will allow you to compare certain Visme features and functions with those found in PowerPoint.

These visual comparisons will give you the information you need to select the presentation tool that best fits your needs.

(To watch each video in full-screen mode, just click on the maximize button to the bottom right.)

1 Share and Edit Presentations

Team members in organizations of all types frequently see the need to not only create stunning presentations, but also share them with their colleagues and collaborate with them during the editing process.

Many presentation tools responded to this need and enhanced their functionality accordingly. PowerPoint, for example, now allows users to upload their presentation to OneDrive and then share the URL with others to allow them either to view or edit the file.

Since Visme is an online-based presentation tool, it allows you to simply share the URL with others without having to upload content first to a file-hosting service such as OneDrive.

via PowerPoint Versus Visme: Which One Is Right For You? | Visual Learning Center by Visme



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