Connectivism – the knowledge of the connected individual

Adam matthews

Knowledge is everywhere. In a mobile phone, a fitness tracker and our brains. Not a science fiction film but the learning theory of connectivism.

Recently over a coffee a friend of mine proclaimed: «Did you know that 15% of Beatles hits had weather in their title?».

«No», I and another friend responded. Now, this was a challenge laid down to us Beatles fans. Right, so obviously we have ‘Here Comes the Sun’, ‘Good Day’s Sunshine’. Hmmmm, but that’s nowhere near 15%. Leave it with us and we’ll come back to you. The debate continued in a WhatsApp group.

To spoil the fun I Googled «Beatles songs weather» which sent me directly to a Telegraph story reporting the research findings of pop music referencing weather. The key point here is referencing the weather in any part of the song (not the title) and it’s actually 16% of Beatles songs. In the…

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