7 Online Quiz Tools Perfect For Classrooms

Whether you want to have students turn in homework via an online form or simply take a quiz or test, online quiz tools are critical to having a connected classroom. Most tools are free, all are robust, and they’re quite easy to use. What could be better than that? You can use any of these below tools to get feedback from parents, students, colleagues, and more.

Below is simply an introduction to each tool in case you aren’t familiar with it so be sure to dive into any that interest you and give them a try in the classroom!



A free and popular online quiz tool, Quizlet lets you easily build – you guessed it – quizzes. By far one of the most robust tools on this list, Quizlet is the simplest to use and has great features like flashcards and the ability to view quizzes made by other users. My personal favorite is the interactive word games available for free (no registration required either!) like this one where you have to match terms with their definitions.



You’re going to love the mascot of Yacapaca. But there’s more to it than that. It is a curriculum and standards-based set of quizzes you can build that let you enhance understanding with ease. You can create entire courses and assign homework, too. Teachers create a free account and then sign up their students. Students then click the ‘I’m A Student’ button and have to log in to view the quizzes built just for them. Great for monitoring progress!



Similar to Yacapaca, Quia has a dedicated student sign-on that’s managed by teachers. I love this feature and think more sites should have the ability to assign homework or tasks to students in this manner. But I digress. Quia is a powerful set of tools that are created by you and others around the world. You can then search the entire repository for the best lesson plan, quiz, or activities. There’s a boatload of useful information housed in Quia so give it a look!

Google Forms


You can’t do a post on the best online quiz tools without mentioning Google Docs / Drive / Forms(or whatever it’s called these days). Google Forms lets you easily build surveys and questionnaires without having to know any coding or spend much time worrying about the minutiae that comes with many other tools. It just works. It may not be the most elegant setup (it exports to Google Docs Spreadsheet format) but it works. Always worth trying if you don’t feel like testing out a new tool just yet.



Here’s one to watch. ProProfs lets you create quizzes (obviously, hence the topic of this post) but it automatically grades the quizzes! Neat, eh? You can get a branded version for a bit extra but I’ve found the free version to be just fine. Great for brick-and-mortar classrooms as well as online schools and online learning.

Quiz ME Online


A powerful tool that has a bit of a learning curve, Quiz Me Online lets you easily create quizzes using the simple forms you’re used to. Some key features are the ability to make quizzes private, public, available to just a particular group, or just a class. You can make flashcards like on Quizlet, set up a timer for each quiz, find study buddies or groups, and make study guides. All great tools for students to use out of the classroom!



QuizStar is a popular and powerful tool worth knowing about. With QuizStar you can manage classes and quizzes, attach multimedia files to questions, make quizzes in multiple languages, access from any Internet-connected computer, allow students to complete and review, and more.